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Spanish Revolution (II)

The second one. This time in English. This will be a sort one, of course.

Time of narrate yourself what is happening has come. If global media, our traditional tv or paper media, don’t ask our questions, we would make our own narration. That’s the present. That’s the way to act of so many people at the world wide web.

Yeah, that happened after in the wrong called Muslims revolutions, and this will be happen again, not so far in the future. Are happen something similar to Tahrir Plaza in our Plaza del Sol? Yes, and, of course, not. The Egyptian revolt tries to bring democracy to them. We, the young ones of a lost generation, the adults that thinks our world are worst than twenty years before, we are demanding to our governments that make a good arrangement on democracy. They must clean up the mess that bankers, burglars and politicians are doing with our life. Stop the greed, please!

When you go to Sol, in the zentrum of Madrid, something like hope is waving you. Yeah, I’m not agree with all the slogans that people are claiming, of course, but all the people that walk behind the plastic streets of this new and improvised town, look like they are feeling the same angry about greedy people. We want to live better than ours fathers; because our fathers fought for us to we can live better. And it’s a just cause. This system phagocytosed us long time ago. We evolve to Tv creatures, and they thought that all is all right. «Ok, let’s try to do some money. »

This is a lost cause. Or not? I dunno. But today, and tomorrow, and the day after we must stand together. All right, we cannot change the world, but nobody says that we couldn’t try it.

If you are one of these wandering internet watchers who came to my blog by a mistake, please, say all others around you that we are trying to change some things in Spain.

Its time to say: I was here, and that's my story.

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